K W Homes, Model Home Preview

I have just completed working on a new Model Home for K W Homes.

K W Homes is the Gulf Coast member of the prestigious Southern Living Custom Builder Program.  They have been a member of this exclusive program for 18 years and counting.

You can get more information about K W Homes here and the Southern Living Custom Builder Program here.

This new home is located in Nature Trail, Pensacola, FL.  Nature Trail is a large gated community located just off Exit 5 on I10.  You can get more information here about Nature Trail.

The home is open Monday thru Friday, 11a to 5p. Sat and Sun 1p – 5p.

I hope you will come out to see us.  Here is sneak peek (please excuse the iPhone pictures, it’s the best I could do at the time.)










Hope you make it out to see it.  It is a wonderful floor plan and was a joy to decorate.

Thank you very much to my very good friend, Rick Robitzsch for helping me stage this wonderful home.  He makes work seem like fun.  I love you man.  XOXO

If you need help creating your dream home, contact me.  I can make the process easier and perfect the first time.

What I have been doing…..

What have I been doing since August?  Have you missed me?  Does anyone even read this?

I wanted to start a blog to help keep my random thoughts and ideas together in one place. To help in the design or renovation of our new house.  To share ideas to help you, possible readers how to design your own dream homes.  I have always had a hard time keeping a journal.  I have good intentions but life always gets in the way.  Such as it has been since my last post, August of last year.  What better time to get back on track than the day after our bonus day in 2012.  Happy Leap Year People.

So now, I need something to say.  I stalk other blogs daily but never seem to write my own. I see great ideas out there and a plethora of information but what should I say?  I often sit here staring at the screen with so many thoughts running through my head, its hard to pick one thing to say.  So, I’ve been advised to just start writing, here I am writing.

We are building a new house.  Kevin says he works with construction sites everyday, he doesn’t want to spend the next 6 months to a year living in one too.  So, new house it is. We have purchased our lot and the plans are being finalized as I write.  Fingers crossed it will be ready first of next week.  I wanted to renovate, so to appease us both, we are building a new house that looks like an old one.  I will be glad to share it with you as soon as I can.  I don’t want to share too early and then have to eat my words.  I am new at this. A hint, think cottage from around 1930 – 1940.  I am excited about its potential.

So, what have I been doing since August?  I have several clients each building his or her or their dream home. We have been making selections to insure it is their dream home.  We have been selecting exterior finishes such as; stones, bricks, stucco colors, stucco finishes, roof colors, paint colors, pavers, eave metal, siding materials, garage doors, front doors, back doors, side doors and windows.  We have been working on interior finishes such as; door styles, trim styles, trim sizes, cabinet layouts, cabinet finishes, floor coverings, tiles, granites, marbles, solid surfaces, mirrors, light fixtures, plumbing, and paint colors.  I love paint colors.  I could play with colors all day and be happy.

Clients number 1 are a couple of empty nesters down sizing.  They knew what they liked and wanted and just really needed help staying on budget.  The thing about down sizing, you still like the things you used to have, you just get tired of keeping up with it all.  So, its hard to not want the same as I had before.  But, we did it and very successfully I might add.  She has a beautiful kitchen, she is a baker. He has two wonderful locations to watch his beloved football team.  We do live in the South, football reigns around here.  Their house is complete and they have moved in.  We will continue to tweak a few things bringing in some new furnishings and window coverings.  It will be a work in progress for a while.

Clients number 2 are a young family with two children building their family home. They have purchased at least one home in the past but it wasn’t built for them.  They have been a blast to work with.  They knew what they liked and what they didn’t.  I just held their hands and guided them in the right directions.  They kept a blog about their experience to share with family and friends living out-of-town.  The house turned out exactly the way wanted. They are pleased as punch about everything.

Clients number 3 have built several houses before.  They are moving back into our area and really only needed my guidance in locating reputable businesses to make their selections.  They petty much knew what they wanted.  I only tweaked a few things.  It has been a pleasure working with them.  If I get their permission I will share with you what we have done.  The house should be complete within the next few weeks and it is turning out just as expected, beautiful.

Clients number 4 have worked in the construction industry and know a thing or two about building a home.  Funny thing about that, it’s always easier to do it for someone else.  They are moving to our area from the North, escaping the snow and excited to raise their new daughter in one of their favorite vacation spots.  This baby girl was the answer to many prayers and a testament to faith.  We are just beginning to get things going on their house. We have selected the exterior finishes and are starting on the inside now.  We will be designing the princess her very own castle.  Can’t wait to share the progress with you.

Clients number 5 are a young couple moving into our area from a big city.  They are building their dream home to host infinite dinner parties and pool parties.  They are keeping me feeling young.  We have just begun the process of selecting finishes for their new house.  We have a pretty good handle on what they think they want, but it changes as they see other and different things.  It has challenged me to keep them on track.  BUT, I needed a new challenge and they are just what the doctor ordered.  I love working with them, because they are fun.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Client number 6 among all the others have been ourselves…..  we have built 3 spec houses, and a model home.  2 of the specs have sold, 1 is still for sale and in the Pace area.  The model home finished last week and is now open daily.

And that my friends is what I have done and still doing since my last post.  WOW, seeing it all in  words makes feel less guilty about not posting.  But, I am working towards daily posts.  I have told you about my clients, so I will share with you the progress of each. Photos coming if I am allowed.  Oh, and I will finish classes in June, more on that later.

Until tomorrow, have a great day.

If you would like help designing your dream home, give me a call.  If you are looking for a dream home builder you can find him here.