About Me, Donna

My first passion is color.  It inspires me everyday, from the ocean I see when my eyes first open in the morning to the sunset when the door closes at night.  I love color.

I am a Design Consultant/Decorator with 31 years experience working with K.W. Custom Homes, LLC.  My husband and I have worked together for the past 31 years building custom homes. True custom homes, all of them truly unique and different from each other.  I have helped many of our clients create their dream home, as well as designed all speculative homes for our company.

Over the years potential clients have approached me and asked if I would help them design their home making it unique and representative of their family.  I have always graciously declined, but was also thrilled that they would want to hire me to help them design their home.

I was a stay at home mom (working nights and weekends) and just couldn’t add any more work to my schedule, (class mom, board member for their schools, scout leader, treasurer of their after school activities, etc).  I have loved being at home with my children and would not change a thing.  They are my greatest joy and accomplishment.  Now that they are grown and building their own careers my schedule allows me to give new clients my undivided attention.

 If you would like help designing your dream home, call or email me for information.  I look forward to working with you.

1 thought on “About Me, Donna

  1. Looks like we have similar pasts with family focus first and now both working with our husbands! Thank you for signing up to be a trade client on our website, ScofieldLighting.com. I look forward to collaborating on the custom homes that are your client’s dream homes.

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