Taking classes and studying…..

Told you yesterday I would give you more info on taking classes and finishing in June. I have worked in the homebuilding industry since 1986.  I have an uncompleted Marketing Degree from the University of West Florida, yes I am a college dropout.  Should have gone back, would have gone back, wish I had gone back…  the usual.  While, I still love marketing in general it doesn’t blow my skirt up like interior design.  So, I went back to school to finish up with a design degree.  I should finish in June, if all goes as planned. Adding the reading load and studying to my schedule was the hardest thing in the world to do for me.  I was always finding a reason to put it off, and you know what, it catches up to you and pulls the rug right out from under you.  I have had to play catch up for the last several weeks I mean months and it is killing me.  My middle name is procrastination.

But, I will finish.  And then I can call myself a Designer and not just a decorator or design consultant.  I know only words, but it makes feel good to acomplish a goal.  That’s what we teach our children to do, set and achieve goals.  Right?  Right!

Back to reading for me.  Check in with you tomorrow.

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